Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, hey, hey potty!

So, I've potty trained 3 kids already. I consider myself, not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but all 3 kids were very different and had different things that worked for them, or didn't, so I've seen quite a bit. But as has been apparent since Kate's birth, she's like a first child ALL OVER AGAIN. I let the entire winter go by (even though the signs were there occasionally) without even attempting it with her. But May 1, I took her to pre school orientation and felt like I was hit by a truck when they announced, "all kids must be trained before they can start school". YIKES. Clearly we needed to get down to the business of peeing and pooping on the potty - fast. I got videos and books and talked incessantly about it to her. She had pretty much no interest until she saw Prudence and her potty on tv. Things started clicking and she's forging ahead to parts unknown now -- the public toilet. Tuesday night, she told me she had to pee at her brother's baseball game. What's a mom to do? I had to take her to the toilet and pray it wasn't a bacteria convention. It was suprisingly ok, I held her on the pot and guess what? She peed!!! It's been pretty consistent since then. She's wearing Pull Ups (which I franky don't believe in - just a diaper in the guise of underwear) but the Pull Up is dry and she's yanking it down to sit on her potty when she needs to. Now we just need to progress to wearing underwear, all day.


Susan said...

That's great I'm glad that things are going well. Personally I love Pull-ups because when you're out of the house and there's an accident it's easy to fix. But yes it is just a diaper that pulls up. So if the child starts using the pull-up as a diaper I would put underwear on underneath hoping that the wetness of the cloth is a deterrent. Good luck!

Janis said...

YAY!!! I think we will start after the summer. Glad things seem to be clicking for Kate.