Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleep Study results

Kate's sleep study results were normal. I'm not 100% clear what that means, but it means enough that Dr. Jacobs has scheduled a stoma closure surgery for the end of April. Without being completely vulgar, I cannot wait for that sucker to be closed up for good. I should just be grateful and I am, don't get me wrong. But a wee part of me is sick and tired of letting her bathe in an inch of water. This girl is a water baby and she wants to be full on under the water. I'm hoping she enjoys it as much as she seems to think she will!!

I managed to get the results of the study via email. I'm normally a relatively patient person, but when it comes to this stuff, not so much. I emailed the Nurse Practitioner in the office when I thought they had the report and she let me know they were good. This enabled me to cancel our mid Feb appointment (where we were intending to discuss the results) and go right to the pre op appointment in late March. One thing I've learned is not to wait on the doctor's timeline. If you push things through, usually they just go along.

So April 24 is the closure surgery, where Kate will be intubated for the first time since late October 2006.


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