Saturday, August 2, 2008

But she looks ok to us...

Here's Kate, day of life 2. We had no clue what lay ahead, just that "they" wouldn't let us bring her home. She looks slightly worse for the wear, and the band-aid on her finger is a battle wound from the c section. All those wires and tubes were only the beginning.

You can see her jaw is slightly small and she definitely has signs of a weak chin. Her eye is puffy from the delivery. In this shot, she's just over 24 hours old, and had already been transfered to the NICU at another hospital. A good friend of mine is a nurse at the hospital Kate went to and she took these shots for me as well as helped my husband get there. Kate already has a feeding tube in her nose...if I knew then what I know now, maybe that could have been avoided, but at the time, we were willing to do whatever for the chance to bring her home.

When I look at all the pictures from the beginning, it's hard to put myself back there. Those days were fraught with anxiety and worry and sadness. It was so hard to just be happy our little girl was here. It seemed as if she would never get home. And we had no idea the journey we'd embarked on. At this point, Kate was breathing fine on her own, even on her back no less!! The hospital was still telling us she just had to learn to eat from the Haberman, and then she could come home. We believed them of course. We had no choice.

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